Electric Car Conversions – Converting Conventional Vehicles into Electric Vehicles
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Even if we can now buy your own electric car new, in the past you should have to convert your current car into an electric car. It would have been very expensive. Is it still possible to convert your normal car into electric, or is it best to buy your electric car from the right manufacturer? Here is everything that you need to know about converting your conventional vehicles …

Tips to Buy a Used Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars is getting more and more popular because of the efficiency of the vehicle.  There are more possibilities for buying an electric car these days. Even, if the options are a bit limited, you will find a hybrid car. But, what if you can’t afford to buy a new hybrid car? How do you know how to buy a used hybrid car that are still in a very good …

Top 10 Green Cars of 2014

green-car-3Electric cars are the most popular and most astonishing cars of advancing world. One can say Electric cars are amazing. But when we start comparing Diesel Cars, green Cars, and electric cars among each other we finds some practical facts. On one side, all of these are having some incredible facets and on other side all are having some handy issues.

Suitability of 2014 Diesel Cars for driving:

One …

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid or Electric Cars?

Many discussions have been held regarding the environmental advantages of Hybrid and Electric cars. As concerns continue to grow about global warming and the greenhouse effect, they may actually prove to be the best solution on offer to aid with the current climate and the pollution that standard cars produce.

Electric Cars

Although you may find this hard to believe, electric cars were actually first launched 100 years ago. …

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Have you ever imagined damaging your diesel car because of misfueling? Although this might sound like a remote possibility this might happen. Thinking of such possibility (and also because of some complaints), worldwide car company Volkswagen is retrofitting over 300.000 TDI models in the USA and Canada. If you have the models Jetta and Golf built from 2009 to 2012 then beware, you should do the retrofitting.

How will the

Audi and Mazda Get Diesel

The new version of Mazda 6 and Audi are intending to accommodate the final emissions testing and getting prepared to show case and make their debut in the Los Angeles automobile show coming this year. Some automobile manufacturers are also trying to preview the new and latest diesel models that are planning to hit the show room floors coming very soon. Oil burners are growing its popularity every year and …

Top 5 reasons why you should consider an electric car

There was a time when owning an electric vehicle was restricted to an elite group of prosperous individuals like rock stars or movie stars.

Fortunately, this trend is changing due to various factors like; the need to preserve our planet advances in electric car technology and in general, these cars are now more accessible to the broader public. But is seems that manufacturers was caught with their pants down and …

A brief history of electric vehicles
electric cars history

Much have been said in recent years about electric cars, their economy, how good they are for the environment and the several technological advances that has made these cars very lucrative and worthwhile to drive and own. Many of the relative points have been debated many times over, from the necessity to entirely phase out all fuel driven cars and to replace them with electric cars, to concerns that …

Electric vehicles: Quiet threat to pedestrians
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There have been reports of blind people who barely avoided collisions with hybrids or electric vehicles. These incidents are extremely unfortunate, in my opinion the blame should not be directed towards the electric vehicle or hybrid, but at the driver who is required by law to consider pedestrians. Such drivers should be severely punished for their inconsideration.

Drivers are sometimes so focused on their travel schedules and some seem …

Laws To Add Noise To Silent Electric Cars: Latest Updates

Well I guess it is like a trained attack dog in some ways. Those beasts are trained to be very quiet, until they sink their fangs in your backside or another part of you anatomy. The quietness does not reduce the pain and discomfort at all, in fact the suddenness and shock of the attack rather adds to the awful experience. Won’t this be true for electric cars too? Humans …

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